The Association of REALTORS® School makes it easy and affordable to complete your continuing education requirements for the 2018-2020 PA Real Estate license renewal. Any real estate licensee can purchase the MCE Season Pass and take unlimited standard continuing education courses* at no additional cost!

How Does the Pass Work?

Purchase the MCE Season Pass for $125 through the Association of REALTORS® School. Then, anytime you register online, over the phone or in person for an Association of REALTORS® School standard continuing education class that is offered between July 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020 you will then be registered for FREE for that class. All SWRA member and non-member real estate licensees are welcome to participate. Note: you must pre-register for classes to receive them for free. 

MCE Season Pass Course Schedule

How Do I Save?

Currently, to take one 7 hour ($75) course and two 3½ hour classes (one elective, one required at $45 each) the tuition would cost you $165 dollars. Instead, by purchasing the $125 Season Pass for these classes, you will automatically save at least $40 dollars. And, more importantly, you will continue to realize more savings the more free MCE classes you take beyond the mandatory 14 hours.

How Do I Purchase the Pass?

Online –  Purchase the MCE Season Pass through our Payment Registration Center. After logging in, go to the “Shop” to purchase the Pass. Wait a few minutes for the system to recognize you as a Pass Holder. Then you can register for standard continuing education classes at no cost through March 31st, 2020.

Phone – Call the Association of REALTORS® School by dialing 610-560-4900 and ask for School Administrator, Gail Parke.

Fax – Fax in the MCE Season Pass Registration Form to 610-560-4801 (we always recommend calling into the office to make sure it was received).

Are There Any Restrictions?

The only major restriction is that the MCE Season Pass provides free registration for active real estate licensees towards standard* classroom MCE courses conducted solely by the Association of REALTORS® School and Montgomery County Association of REALTORS®. Courses offered in partnership with other entities are excluded, including all online courses.

*If you are interested in taking Designation or broker licensing courses, you will still pay a registration fee. However, as a special benefit for MCE Season Pass Holders, you will receive an additional 10% discount off the regular registration fee for most Designation and broker licensing courses. The online MCE and Designation classes are excluded. 


For more information on the MCE Season Pass or continuing education please contact Gail Parke at or call 610-560-4900.